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What’s Happening in Ukrainian LED: News and Trends

Local economic development (“LED”) occurs every day in Ukraine. Cities beyond Kyiv team with private sector partners, and increased investment and jobs are the result. Learn what is happening in the cities of Ukraine by reading select news accounts and analyses of local trends.

LED for Practitioners: Tools and Resources

Are you a professional engaged in local economic development? If so, come learn about best practices, useful tools and case studies of your profession. Forward-moving cities depend on skilled and innovative LED specialists in the public and private sectors.  We hope you will be challenged and motivated by this knowledge resource.

Ukraine: Local Investment Facts

Are you hunting for investment locations? Are you interested in knowing more details about assets and attitudes of mid-size Ukrainian cities? Find surveys of local business environments, market statistics, city strategic goals for economic development, asset data bases, municipal contacts and sample investment proposals here. 

Local Economic Development: Project Information

We are USAID’s LED Project in Ukraine. We are here because economic successes take place daily at the local level, and our goal is to help cities strategize and organize their economic potential to produce more jobs and increase investment. We invite you to learn more about our work.

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